About Me

 About Me

Since then, I have painted sets for local play houses, created costumes, designed store front windows, taught at local scrapbook stores, public groups, and I sell my art locally and online.

Now I look forward to teaching  art at special events or at the Laguna Art Gallery.

I host creative art swaps through out the year, connecting with old friends and making new ones along the way.

I design rubber stamps for Blank Page Muse and create for popular Art & Craft companies. 

With Face Painting and all my other creative endeavors,
I enjoy bringing joy to others with my creativity.
Nothing makes me happier than seeing children and adults light up
after I've transformed them into something special.

I take pride in my ability as an artist.
I'm constantly honing my skill as I create new designs to share with others. 
Thank you for considering me for your special event. 
It would be a honor to be a part of the celebration!